Hidden and Unhidden Costs of Ransomware Attacks

Hidden and Unhidden Costs of Ransomware Attacks

Ransom is only a small part of the cost that you are likely to incur when hackers attack your enterprise’s computer systems through ransomware. Although some of these costs go unnoticed, customer service interruptions lower businesses’ profitability heavily. But that is not all – read which costs a ransomware attack can mean for your company.


Direct Costs 

Most attackers target the enterprise’s data, therefore, leading to data destruction. Consequently, victims may choose to pay the ransom to relieve their captured data. You might even be forced to hire specialised IT experts to rectify the issues thereby raising the costs. 

After any ransomware attack, the business’ normal business course will be interrupted which negatively impacts the normal operations and to a customer turn-off. Furthermore, to avoid another attack, you will need to employ additional costly preventive measures such as hiring more IT experts in your corporation or deploying new security measures. 


Hidden Costs 

It’s recommended to seek forensic investigation services after the ransomware attack to effectively prevent future attacks. This process will cost the firm a substantial amount of money. At times, the corporation may have a hard time restoring its reputation. 

When cyber attackers interfere with the company’s computer systems, the firm’s productivity will lower significantly. Even after employing the correctional mechanisms, it is hard for the firm to resume normalcy, thus decreasing the overall output. 


Way Forward 

It’s advisable to conduct employee training to prevent future attacks (though at a cost). In addition, beef up the systems’ security by installing the latest antivirus. You should also report to the relevant authorities whenever hackers try to intercept the corporation’s computer system. 

Ransomware attacks are one of the leading expenses incurred by an enterprise in its operation. Preventing such attacks is, however, straightforward. Engaging the IT experts and use of appropriate antispyware software on the company’s computers may assist you to prevent such attacks and their costs.

Date: 10 August 2018, 11:08 am
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