Why you should Stress on Mobile Security Policy

Why you should Stress on Mobile Security Policy

Regardless of your enterprise’s size, the mobile devices used may generate a wide range of cyber security issues from time to time. Such problems expose your business to risks that can damage the company’s reputation. Look no further for a solution; take the wisest step and implement mobile security policies early for your firm. 


How Mobile Security Policies Work 

A valid mobile security policy can protect the enterprise’s Data at Rest. “Data at Rest” is all information stored on the mobile devices. For example; mobile phones, notebook computers, PDAs and portable storage devices such as memory cards. It can also help protect Data in Flight which might get exposed to hackers when devices connect to different networks outside the enterprise’s IT control department. 


How to Develop a Mobile Security Policy 

Start by setting a strategy. Devise a defined plan that has a comprehensive security framework to ensure smart company’s mobile devices to store sensitive data. Proceed to plan well, set aside enough research time. After this, you can freely establish a policy. There is need to train the employees to encrypt data and use strong PIN codes. 


Tips for Implementing Mobile Security Policies Effectively 

  • Define your BYOD (bring your own device) – Instances where employees are urged not to use business and personal devices interchangeably. 
  • Device wipe – Involves wiping out business data on lost or stolen devices. 
  • Define all permitted and prohibited apps fully. 
  • Employee training – Staff need to be empowered on issues pertaining IT security. 
  • Accountability. 
  • Data encryption. 
  • Urge employees not to connect to public Wi-Fi using business devices. 

Protecting the business’ mobile devices from hackers is essential. It is easy and straightforward to establish mobile security policies at your enterprise. In case of any difficulties, you can hire qualified IT experts to guide you.

Date: 3 August 2018, 11:08 am
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