What is a BLOB?

What is a BLOB?

In the computer terminologies, BLOB stands for a binary large object. It is pronounced as BLAHB, and in some cases, it is spelled in all lower case. A BLOB is a big file, either an image or sound file, which should be handled in a particular way mainly because of its size. BLOBs are controlled by either being downloaded, uploaded or storing information in a database. 


What type of data do BLOBs store? 

BLOBs are data types that can store binary data. This data is diverse from other data types utilised in databases, for example, characters, integers, strings and floating point numbers which keep letters and numbers. Because of the ability of BLOBs to store binary data, they are effective for storing images and several other multimedia files


What amount of space do BLOBs need? 

Stored objects like images, sounds and video clips have relatively bigger sizes than other data types. Hence, BLOBs can become huge. However, the amount of data that each BLOB can store differs depending on the database category, though some databases allow storage of up to gigabytes of data


Classification of BLOBs 

BLOBs are mostly used in all database software and are grouped into two. These two groupings of data are not interpretable by the database. 

  • Semi-structured data: This category contains the XML files. 
  • Unstructured data: This category includes images and multimedia. 


What is block storage? 

This is a feature available in Microsoft Azure that allows users to store unstructured data in Microsoft’s cloud platform. This unstructured data is served to developers over HTTP and HTTPS. It is accessible from everywhere around the globe and includes text, audio, and video. BLOBs are classified into containers and are specific to user accounts. A BLOB may be used explicitly for video while another Blob may store images and text. These BLOBs are accessed with .NET code.

Date: 27 July 2018, 12:07 pm
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