Cybersecurity Risks Surrounding IoT Development in an Increasingly Connected World

Cybersecurity Risks Surrounding IoT Development in an Increasingly Connected World

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a superb innovation and has been deeply entrenched in every aspect of our lives. As IoT crawls into all aspects of our way of life, many security concerns arise, and the network connected to an enterprise or home could be a threat if compromised. Here are some of the risks that many people and companies are facing: 


Privacy Concerns in the IoT World 

With all the precautions that people take to secure data, the level of complexity displayed by cyber-attackers is extraordinary. Attacks can emanate not only from public networks but also from private sources, such as smartphones, smart homes, and even cars. 

There are many encryption models that organisations can take utilise to prevent dissemination of critical data. De-identifying data from personally identifiable data can adequately protect the confidentiality of those involved, and prohibit hackers from using the seemingly meaningless information. 


Cybersecurity Invading Public Safety 

Apart from data leakage, the growing IoT network opens the grid to cyber-attacks. A breached network will not only grant access to banking data, but also access to public infrastructures like GPS tracking systems, traffic lights, power plants, and water services. This means that the security of all interfaces, fixed, mobile, or cloud, must be maintained. This includes new firewalls, network monitoring, and access control. 


Data Volumes Pose a Threat 

The explosion of IoT has aided the collection of massive data. Smart sensors are collecting data for machine learning algorithms that add value to organisations and promote sound decision making. The total volume of data produced from IoT devices is gigantic. With cyber security threats encroaching on IoT development, it is logical for organisations to hire professionals to protect their networks and devices against unwelcome intrusion.

Cybersecurity experts need to change with the new trends in hacking activities for them to secure unmonitored systems and face the challenges proactively.

Date: 27 July 2018, 10:07 am
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