Tips That Can Help Companies to Prevent Data Leakage

Tips That Can Help Companies to Prevent Data Leakage

With modern technology, data leaks occur in many ways, such as unauthorised access to databases, negligence from workers or other forms of security breaches. Companies should be ready to avert data leakage at all times. Here are some tips that can help any organisation to prevent data leakage: 


Preparing ahead of time 

Companies should identify the data and systems that require the most protection and incorporate safety systems to guarantee the security of their most delicate information. Additionally, in-depth background checks should be conducted on employees before they are given high-level access to classified information. 


Monitoring activities and access 

Organisations should monitor databases that contain sensitive data that can be damaging if leaked. Acquiring database monitoring systems can help companies to oversee database activities and access. Such systems can monitor and notify administrators of database activities, such as when an employee copies, deletes, downloads, or modifies any data. 


Data Encryption 

All organisations should protect their sensitive information using encryption. While some encryptions can blind most gateway security products, the employees can use encrypted network transmission techniques like SSH/SCP to avoid this problem. 


Locking Down the Network 

The most common means through which data is leaked is emails and phishing, and therefore this pathway should be the main focus of preventing data leaks. Whether it is a worker who unintentionally sent an email to a wrong address or a mischievous hacker retrieving information through an internet portal, adding network security that shields these channels is very necessary. 


Incorporating Endpoint Security 

In the current technological trend of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), where employees use personal mobile devices in their workstations, endpoint security is a crucial part of the company’s security. Organisations should be able to centrally monitor and control personal devices that are connected to the company’s networks.

Date: 20 July 2018, 10:07 am
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