All you Need to Know about A/B Testing

All you Need to Know about A/B Testing

A/B testing could be what you need to improve your marketing strategies. With the right A/B testing skills and the knowledge of how to implement the results, it can improve your marketing strategies and procur good results in the long run. So, what is A/B testing? 


About A/B Testing and How it Works 

A/B testing is comparing two variants of a webpage, or any marketing media to determine which one is more successful. The process is conducted by producing two versions of the same webpage or marketing media to different users to determine their reaction to each of the two. Their reactions are then used to determine which variant should be used to yield more conversion success. 

When A/B testing your website, the results will help you understand the user's behaviour, their likes and dislikes, and the changes needed to cater to your audience growing need. Basically, A/B testing will help you improve the services you offer on your website, by taking care of your customers’ needs with your content. 


What to A/B test on your Website 

You can A/B test anything, but to determine which variant will yield a successful conversion, you will need to A/B test only the relevant elements in your website. These include: 

  • The length of your web content and your headlines: While it is important to put enough content on your website, see what amount of length your audience will prefer and which headline best attracts the customers’ attention. 
  • Your Call-to-Action strategy: Place the call to action buttons at different positions and see which one becomes more effective. 
  • Images and Videos: Place different images and relevant images on your website and see which one attracts your audience attention. 


Disadvantages of A/B Testing 

When done correctly, A/B testing can give the desired results. However, some marketers disagree with the testing process. Here’s why you should reconsider A/B testing 

  • It is time-consuming. To get the desired test results, you will need to run the test for quite some time, and this could take so much time. 
  • The test is prone to errors which may not give accurate end results. 
  • A/B testing is not for small businesses that do not have enough web traffic to give a clear statistical analysis.
Date: 20 July 2018, 10:07 am
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