Tips That Will Help You to Run Your Business from Your Smartphone

Tips That Will Help You to Run Your Business from Your Smartphone

With the ability to do work in the cloud, faster internet speeds, and powerful devices, working from a smartphone has become a reality for businesses. Networking, software, and hardware advances can now allow professionals, remote workers, and business travellers, to be in touch and work while on the move. Here are some fantastic tips that will help you to work from your smartphone. 


Have a Separate Work Phone 

Having two devices can reduce distractions and keep non-work apps and your calls away during your working time. While most people prefer to use one phone for both business and personal purposes, this is bound to create many distractions, which you can always have enough of while working on the go. Always remember that a mobile office is still an office. 


Set Communication Procedures 

Outline clear policies for contacting you to avoid being ambushed from many communication channels. For instance, an organised person will use Slack for non-important messages, email for official purposes, text messages for swift responses, and calls for the urgent matters. 


Link the Important Emails to Your Phone 

This may not be advisable in some cases, especially if you are using a personal phone, but it is possible to link your business email accounts to your phone. This allows you to answer urgent emails during downtime and to keep your inbox clear. Although you may find it annoying at times, having your email will keep you on top of what is happening in your business. 


Use a Remote Desktop App 

It is very possible that you may be in a situation where you need to access a desktop. For such times, you can try a remote desktop application such as LogMeIn. If you always have access to your desktop, you will minimise the number of times you postpone essential duties because you do not have a file.

Date: 12 July 2018, 14:07 pm
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