Avoiding Costly and Damaging Endpoint Management Pitfalls

Avoiding Costly and Damaging Endpoint Management Pitfalls

According to online security analyst IDC, more than 70 per cent of all network breaches occur at virtual endpoints. It therefore makes sense that proactively monitoring these nodes and addressing compliance issues should take centre stage within any organisation. Unfortunately, very few IT supervisors have recognised the threats posed by spurious and/or nonexistent endpoint management. Let us examine the associated risks as well as what steps can be taken in order to mitigate the negative outcomes of such oversights. 


A Growing Threat 

While the existential threats posed by ineffective endpoint management are quite clear, it is still surprising to learn that a mere 36 per cent of firms have taken the necessary steps to address these risks. One of the perceived issues involves how to prioritise specific tasks within a real-world environment. This is even more challenging when we consider that a growing number of remote devices are now regularly interacting within a single network. Thus, the associated endpoint threats have dramatically increased over the past few years. 


Thwarting Present and Future Endpoint Issues 

The challenges associated with endpoint management are very clear. The primary question involves the solutions that are available to IT professionals. There are several steps which can be taken in order to effectively alleviate such situations: 

  • Employ automated services which detect threats as they emerge.
  • Consider bandwidth throttling to expedite continuous remote endpoint patching.
  • Utilise scaleable solutions in order to accommodate limited budgets.
  • Attempt to consolidate and coordinate existing in-house management tools.

Of course, the implementation of these methods will often require a slight restructuring of existing in-house IT architecture. It is nonetheless a fact that embracing a proactive approach is able to save time and frustration in the future. 

Date: 12 July 2018, 10:07 am
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