What about Pair Programming?

What about Pair Programming?

Pair programming refers to two programmers sharing and operating in one workstation. This workstation comprises a screen, but two keyboards and two mice. One of the programmes at the keyboard is known as the driver, and their role is to write codes. The other programmer is the navigator or observer who checks the codes as they are typed in. They usually sit together on one code and talk about it and solve the problem at hand. 

Several organisations have adopted this practice. It is essential to look at the benefits and shortcomings that emanate from adopting pair programming. 


The Benefits 

  • Minimal Mistakes and Bug Hold-ups: Bugs result from basic errors in the entire approach or a wrong install. Working as a team enables you to note mistakes easily and correct them. 
  • Sufficient Moral Support: Operating as a team is known to increase positivity about an issue because through sharing one gets suggestions and solutions for the problem. 
  • Minimal Postponing: When working as a team, there are fewer distractions. You can focus and complete the task within the assigned time. 
  • Enhancement of Staff Interpersonal Skills: Working as a team on a project helps workers embrace the need for communication and teamwork. 
  • The Best Way to Share Knowledge: Programmers learn better from each other on the best coding practices. 



There is a risk of no benefit if the programmers are not actively participating all through a paired session. It takes time to evaluate the programmers who can work well together. If programmers do not have a common understanding, they will not be productive. There is an aspect of slowdown especially compared to a case where one programmer has mastered coding and can deliver perfect work in a short period. 

Pair programming is a beneficial way of building teamwork as well as ensuring productivity in code generation. It is also the best method for training and equipping new employees with the required coding skills and knowledge.

Date: 6 July 2018, 12:07 pm
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