Strengthening Communication In Channel Partnerships

Strengthening Communication In Channel Partnerships

Cooperation and communication are two essential factors in the success of a company in today’s corporate world, as there is a greater need to stay updated, being aware of new trends and constantly innovating products and services to enable growth amidst fierce competition. As a result, it is necessary for companies to not only view partners as a separate entity of a business, but an integral one, and strive to get more involved with teams to get a more hands-on experience of the processes that help achieve company objectives. 


Increased productivity 

Multilevel collaboration plays a key role in ensuring team accountability and productivity, and fewer initiatives are set aside or rejected. In addition, projects are often completed earlier, and the overall business image is strengthened through relationships with customers, and feedback from suppliers and service providers. 


Coming up with a strategy 

Faced with time and budget constraints, the first reflex for many entrepreneurs is often to think of means and tools of communication to implement, before defining the overall communication strategy. 

A well thought out strategy makes it possible to target communication to the needs and expectations of potential customers, and to convey an image and message that is clearly understood by partners. Businesses also make the right choices in terms of tools and communication media to avoid unnecessary inconveniences. 


Solving conflicts 

Communication misunderstandings can quickly mutate into major conflicts if they are not properly addressed. This can occur at the organisational level or between partners because of the different roles in a group, expectations, vision and strategies. Parties can also have completely different assumptions and starting points leading to this situation, and so clear and constant communication is required between all parties right from the beginning of a project. 

A more inclusive communication culture should also be fostered. If the inevitable occurs, an analysis of the cause of the breakdown should be carried out to avoid future related situations. Guidelines on a set procedure to follow in such cases should be agreed upon by relevant partners and communicated to their respective teams.

Date: 29 June 2018, 12:06 pm
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