The top challenges encountering the multi-cloud environments 

The top challenges encountering the multi-cloud environments 

In today's era of continuous innovation, companies are progressively using various IT systems to meet the needs of their growing businesses. This variety allows firms to manage their workloads, instead of being tied to a single delivery model or provider. 

However, due to the considerable shortage of experienced cloud personnel out there, most of the companies are lacking internal cloud expertise. Consequently, adopting a successful cloud plan is usually a challenging undertaking. Here are some of the challenges that most enterprises face in the management of multi-cloud environments. 


Compliance and security 

Legal compliance can be very complicated in a multi-cloud setting since adherence measures deployed on one platform might not apply to another. Therefore, companies should create multi-cloud environments with compliance as one of the critical considerations

Also, all businesses, big or small encounter the risk of security concerns associated with the cloud. Some of the biggest brands have been victims of different levels of cloud infringements. Such incidences have raised alarms on security issues on multi-cloud environments. 



Companies face many occurrences in which non-optimally used, or unused resources can overwhelm the budget. For instance, insufficient management can lead to untapped cloud resources like the virtual machines going undetected, causing unwarranted costs increments. 



As a rule, developers usually contact the support desk who then allocates virtual machines after you finalize the administrative processes. This hither and thither process takes lots of effort and time which a business can use to focus on more productive activities. 


Visibility and operations 

It is crucial for a company to have one dashboard to manage the multi-cloud environment. If you do not have an integrated view of the private and public cloud platforms, the business operations may face replication of resources, and also fail to respond in time when it comes to real-time issues like machine downtime.

Date: 22 June 2018, 10:06 am
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