What Are Sales Control Systems?

What Are Sales Control Systems?

Sales controls are simply the procedures a manager follows to make sure their team is doing the right things at the right time. These control systems enhance the performance and welfare of the sales representatives. There are two types of sales controls: behaviour-based and outcome based.

Outcome-based Sales Control

This form of sales control is more common since it is easier to track. In this system, compensation is given depending on the dollar value of the sales made. There are several problems with this control system, the biggest being the fact that your sales reps are likely to use shady practices to maximise their sales. Also, they are not likely to put much focus on the retention of the customers since they will not be rewarded for it. In general, outcome-based sales control makes salespeople unhappy since they can quickly get fired if they don’t make enough sales.

Behaviour-based Sales Control

Previously, behaviour-based sales control systems were hard to implement since multiple factors have to be considered. The compensation for representatives is not just based on the number of sales, but also on the process they follow. The salespeople will be able to grow your brand and create a positive image of your company since they are not just motivated to make the sales. Behaviour-based control systems are best implemented using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

Sales control systems keep your team motivated to grow your business. The system can be based on the eventual outcome or the behaviour of the employees. Outcome-based sales control systems do not motivate sales reps to grow your brand. Many of them are likely to opt for shady methods that can spoil the reputation of your company. Instead, you should adopt a behaviour-based sales control system

Date: 15 June 2018, 13:06 pm
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