The Importance of Physical IT Security

The Importance of Physical IT Security

Physical IT security can be defined as means of protecting components that are related to the system that include data, hardware, software, and networks. These devices are protected from events and actions that may occur physically – e.g. a robbery – which poses danger to the owner and the apparatuses. 

This type of security is mostly ignored and instead, technical and software threats are taken seriously. Therefore, placing enforced measures to protect the components against them is advisable. Basically, there are various ways that the components can be protected against the threats. These include the following; 



Every physical location where the various IT components are placed should be monitored by surveillance cameras. Security gadgets such as smoke detectors, heat sensors and detection sensors that reveal intruders may be placed in various locations. 


Access Control 

The other way that the physical security IT measures may be protected is by placing physical obstacles. These impediments will naturally hinder the intruder from reaching the vital components and include quality locks and the use of control cards for accessing the areas. They will automatically keep off unwarranted people. Other measures include adequate fencing, control systems that include biometric access and even systems that suppress fire or even floods. In addition to this, the physical sites may be protected by placing hardening measures which will protect them from natural environmental disasters.



The other way that physical security may be carried out is by testing disaster management and recovery measures. These measures should be tested regularly just to ensure that they are safe and that the area will recover faster and contain it in case a natural disaster occurs. 

Lastly, strategically placing various physical components is also important in securing them.

Date: 14 June 2018, 12:06 pm
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