5G Is Coming – What Can Tech Expect?

5G Is Coming – What Can Tech Expect?

5G (5th-Generation Wireless Systems) networks are the latest iteration of mobile internet connectivity, engineered to offer more reliable connections and faster speeds on smartphones plus other devices. Combining cutting-edge network technology plus the very latest research, the fifth-generation wireless should offer multitudes faster connections than current connections: average download speeds of approximately 1 gigabit per second is expected to be the norm and it could go up to 10GBps. 


New Opportunities 

Being able to send as well as receive amounts of data faster, opens opportunities for virtual and augmented reality systems plus automation. For example, self-driving vehicles will communicate with each other, guard rails, traffic signals, road signs plus other elements that human drivers simply see. This would need an additional technical leap and end up reducing latency to 1 millisecond


Reliable Connections 

5th-Generation Wireless Systems offer the probability of providing connections that are reliable to a large number of wireless devices concurrently. That could enable an immense expansion of the number of IoT (Internet of Things) that are in use. For instance, monitoring package locations for shipping firms, nutrients in the soil for farmers and vital signs for patients in the hospital. 


Qualcomm Working with Facebook 

Qualcomm, which is one of the forefront companies leading the development of 5G, announced it is working together with Facebook to take the technology of high-speed Wi-Fi to urban areas. The high-speed Wi-Fi will be delivered by developing a multi-node wireless system that is based on 60GHz technology. The technologies will enable operators to improve the quality, efficiency and speed of internet connectivity worldwide at just a fraction of the fibre deployment cost. Irvind Ghai, the vice president of Qualcomm Atheros stated that people should expect speeds to be significantly faster than traditional Wi-Fi technology. 

With development well underway, fifth-generation wireless networks are expected to launch worldwide by 2020, working alongside the existing 4G and 3G technology to provide faster connections that will always stay online regardless of your location.

Date: 25 May 2018, 13:05 pm
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