Dealing with Criminal Offenses at the Workplace

Dealing with Criminal Offenses at the Workplace

Criminal offenses often take place in the workplace. How they are addressed is vital. Each offense may require a different approach depending on whether it is work-related or not. Cooperation between employee and employer is mandatory for a fast and amicable solution.

Work-related Offenses

Here is what to consider when dealing with the offenses:

  1. Consider whether or not to suspend the employee. The action to take depends on the weight of the crime. Offenses affecting individual and other workmates performance may require suspending the culprits.
  2. Look for relevant evidence through internal investigations. Carrying out investigations at business level is very important and provides a foundation for the next course of actions to be taken. 
  3. Reporting to the law enforcement authorities may be necessary to investigate the offense further and take the appropriate legal action. 
  4. The company should involve their lawyers after the employee is found guilty.

If the employee is found guilty of committing a serious offense during the internal investigation, they can be terminated even without the outcome of a criminal trial. Employees found with minor offenses can face the stipulated disciplinary measures such as fines and suspension.


Nonwork-related Offenses

These are mostly not under the jurisdiction of the employer and should be handed over to the law reinforcement agencies. Such cases may either be minor offenses or criminal charges. Minor offense cases such as traffic issues and marital conflicts need not cost the employees their job. Repeated conflict with the law, however, portrays problems with a person’s character.

Employers are required to be fair to the employee if found guilty of an offense. The rights of the employee should always be upheld. The employer should not let their personal feelings influence any decision towards the issue. Instead, they should follow the stipulated procedures for resolving the issue.

Date: 11 May 2018, 10:05 am
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