Why You May Be Using an Android Smartphone that Lacks Security Patches

Why You May Be Using an Android Smartphone that Lacks Security Patches

Research from different research laboratories indicates the existence of a patch gap regarding various Android vendor devices. Google admits that it's difficult for it to deploy security patches for Android mobile phones due to numerous smartphone manufacturers that use the operating system. Although its open source approach offers many advantages, it doesn't mean that it's the responsibility of the different manufacturers to issue software updates for the OS.

The truth is that most of these manufacturers aren't honest when they say that they have patched all phone vulnerabilities in their new updates. More than 1,200 mobile phones were tested, and the security experts discovered that almost all the devices were missing several patches even after the manufacturer of the device had indicated that they were patched.


Different Android Models Tested

Jacob Lell and Karsten Nohl who are security researchers with Security Research Labs tested the firmware of over 1,200 different Android mobile phones and discover that over 90 percent of them had security issues concerning Android patches. They observed that many vendors forget to include several critical patches which leave the device vulnerable to the underlying risks.

The research mainly focused on samples of mobile phones that were patched from October last year and the sample included gadgets from 23 different manufacturers such as Motorola, Samsung and ZTE. From the sample devices, ZTE and TCL were the most affected vendors. In some cases, the vendor failed to install updated patches but opted to change the patch date forward by a few months. This was the most common style that vendors tend to use to confuse the consumer.

However, Google says that the research findings by Lell and Nohl don't offer a complete narrative when it comes to ensuring that all Android smartphones are fully protected against various security risks. To help protect the consumers, Security Research Lab has released an update to its Android app "Snoop Snitch" that will check your device to ensure that it has been patched as many times as it should offer maximum security.

Date: 20 April 2018, 13:04 pm
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