The Risks Involved in Export Management

The Risks Involved in Export Management

Due to accumulating outstanding invoices, the risk management of exports differs sharply from the domestic risks. Additionally, while trading in a different country you will certainly have to face various hurdles that you might not face in your own country. Some of the risks include the following:


1. Currency

More often than not, the currency of another country will be totally different from the one in your home country. Another factor that might prove to be quite problematic is the exchange rate. To counter these problems just ensure that you perform business quotations first in the currency you are used to. This is because a slight misquote in the currency may lead to a huge loss on your part. You can also use foreign exchange platforms that can lock your profits in the currency that you are used to.


2. Legal Hurdles

The trading law in different countries may differ sharply. Some countries have their own regulations that might not necessarily cut across various markets. Some of these laws include laws in product liability, contract laws, IP and patent registration laws, and processes on dispute resolutions among others. Make sure you find out about all of them in advance so that you can tackle them well.


3. Environment Conditions

One needs to be familiar with the type of climate that they are likely to experience in a country that they anticipate to be trading in. This is because certain weather conditions dictate a lot in the export business environment. Harsh and extreme weather conditions mean that your business and commodities might be at risks. 


4. Political Environment

Before trading in any country, find out its political stability. Any kind of political wave is likely to destabilize your business. It is even worse if a trade embargo has been placed during extreme political unrests like civil wars.


5. Operations

Prior to doing business in any country, one must find out the kind of business policies and regulations that have been placed in the country. Some industrial policies may prove to be a huge hurdle in the export business.

However, research counters all the above shortcomings and risks that might be involved in the export business. Therefore, make sure that you do a lot of it before trading in a foreign country.

Date: 13 April 2018, 13:04 pm
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