Tips for Exporting in Spain

Tips for Exporting in Spain

Spain is a country that is fairly doing well economically, thanks to the latest rise of their economy. Historically, the country has always been doing well in trade. This is because it is strategically placed; it has many airports and harbours that connect it to other major continents. Therefore, conducting international business is easy for the country. In fact, the country is the 17th leading export economy worldwide. Here are some tips for exporting in Spain:


1. Familiarise Yourself with the Country

Prior to exporting goods in Spain, you must understand the country well. The country’s coastline covers approximately 5,000 km. Some of the major ports in Spain include Malaga, Valencia, Barcelona, Algeciras and Las Palmas. The main airports for cargo in Spain include Barcelona’s El Prat, Malaga’s Costa Del Sol and Madrid’s Adolfo Suarez.


2. The Country's Rules and Regulations on Export

The country falls under the EU and follows the export regulations and rules of the European Union. The Southwestern European country has a huge population and although almost half of the able-bodied population is unemployed, it still has a significant amount of expenditure. 


3. Top Export Commodities

The top export commodities in Spain include delivery trucks, which make up approximately 5.82 billion dollars of revenue; cars, which make up approximately 35.5 billion dollars of revenue; refined petroleum, which makes up approximately 7.89 billion dollars of revenue; vehicle parts, which make up approximately 10 billion dollars of revenue; and packaged medicaments, which make up approximately 7.45 billion of revenue. Therefore, when carrying out export in Spain you should target these goods.


4. Destinations for Spain’s Exports

The leading destinations for Spain’s exports are countries that border it like Italy, which makes up 22.5 billion dollars of the export revenue and Portugal, which makes up 20.1 billion dollars of the export revenue. Others are the United Kingdom, which makes up 21.2 billion dollars of revenue, Germany makes up 31.8 billion dollars of revenue and France makes up 42.6 billion dollars of revenue.

Spain is a viable export economy because it exports more than what is projected from the range of the country’s export economy.

Date: 6 April 2018, 12:04 pm
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