The Dawn of New Export Strategy In Cyberspace

The Dawn of New Export Strategy In Cyberspace

The world of business has taken an unprecedented shape with many business transactions taking place digitally. With this rise in technology in the business sector, risks increase. Therefore, certain measurements are necessary to counter these risks. The UK government is trying to help by making the country the place to do business online securely. The UK cyber security export strategy is meant to expand opportunities for cybersecurity expertise and to strengthen the security in the process. 


Cybersecurity market value

As of 2016, a survey on the value of cybersecurity firms in the UK recorded £1.5 billion value. Experts forecast this value to rise in the coming years with a global value of more than £759 billion by 2021. The cybersecurity export strategy is intended to help UK firms to win a big share of this market.


Cyber Security Export Strategy Commitments

The Department for International Trade highlights three commitments for Cyber Security Export Strategy for cyber firms:

  • Firstly, the aim of the DIT is to offer advisory support to UK companies doing critical business transactions in priority markets.
  • Secondly, the aim for top customers in the sector of cyber security is to organize bespoke offers, DIT will pitch UK firms to deal with identified potential and run trade missions.
  • Thirdly, the aim of the government is to develop and deploy the best-updated marketing and branding for UK cyber security.

The strategy has come about with industry and will safeguard the human rights with its strong export control systems.


Importance of the Cyber Security Export Strategy

The strategy is an important stride made to help UK’s cybersecurity companies to get into new markets, grow to greater heights worldwide, make a great contribution to the Nation’s economy and protect the UK and its allies from cyberspace threats.

Date: 29 March 2018, 11:03 am
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