German government attacked by hackers

German government attacked by hackers

Hackers penetrated the German's government main system, using highly intricate software. The hack has sparked an outroar among government officials, especially since some found out only through the media. 


Government Hack confirmed

On Thursday last week, German lawmakers demanded answers over why they were not duly informed on the system attack that had become public on Wednesday. According to reports, the German parliamentary committee was infuriated by the hack, calling it a 'veritable' attack on the state's network

Its believed that the hack was planned and executed by a Russian faction, known as 'Turla.' Experts rushed to uncover the malware attack, in attempts of preventing further damage and theft of government data. 

However, rather than completely scrubbing off the malware, officials decided to allow 'controlled access.' The Interior Ministry cited that the purpose of allowing 'controlled access' was to buy time to track down the hackers and bring them to book. Another reason was to give experts insight into how the hackers managed to penetrate the system. In his statement, Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière referred to the network attack as professional and very sophisticated. He went on to explain that security authorities were monitoring the attacker's activity, to find out their objective and gateways.


The German government has been hacked before

The 2018 attack on the German government network comes two years after the Fancy Bear's attack. The Fancy Bear group of hackers was able to access the German Parliament's data network. Since then, the German government has made significant efforts in increasing security for all its data systems. The Fancy Bear has been accused of hacking the Democrats' servers and leaking emails in the US, during the 2016 general election.

The attack has raised concerns about the German government's network security. However, the government is assuring officials and other citizens that work is being done, to prevent future attacks.

Date: 9 March 2018, 11:03 am
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