5G, Galaxy S9, and Other Interesting News from the Mobile World Congress 2018

5G, Galaxy S9, and Other Interesting News from the Mobile World Congress 2018

For the latest Mobile World Congress this year, Barcelona presented an unusually snowy setting. The show itself also featured some notably interesting technological highlights, although with not quite as many high-profile surprises as expected. 


Creating a Better Future, today

Some of the biggest attractions available to the crowd of over 100 thousand tech enthusiasts, who gathered there from 25 to 28 February under the motto “Creating a Better Future, today”, leaned more towards being just concept previews rather than groundbreaking product reveals. In any case, there were several points of interest that we’ll summarize for you in this article. 

When it comes to big product reveals, Samsung stole the show by introducing the latest iteration of its flagship phone, the Galaxy S9 (although there was no mention of its price). As usual, Google also managed to pique the interest of many visitors with their latest gadgets; this year however, they had nothing more ground-breaking to show than an interesting new range of Android Go smartphones. 

Moving on to the smaller giants, Asus brought along its new Zenfone 5Z, LG had their revised new V30S ThinQ, and Huawei toasted attendees with an admittedly interesting second attempt at producing a new MacBook rival, which they rather un-creatively called “MateBook X Pro”. Additionally to the bigger product reveals and the wide range of new apps looking for a place in the sun, there were also many interesting new products that held some promise, with a heavy focus on virtual reality and 3D printing. 


5G presented officially

As far as promising new concepts go, one of the most noteworthy developments revolved around implementation demos for the increasingly anticipated 5G technology, whose standard was recently approved by the FCC. This should open up many interesting new possibilities for the development of new applications as well adding speed and power to mobile Internet connectivity.

Date: 9 March 2018, 9:03 am
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