How Machine Learning Looks to Damage Cyber Security in 2018

How Machine Learning Looks to Damage Cyber Security in 2018

If there is a rapidly evolving industry, it has to be the cyber security industry that is forecasted to become a $232 billion market in the next four years. Recent breakthroughs on matters to do with machine learning mean that Artificial Intelligence-enabled technologies currently in place are gaining traction. However, the cyber security industry seems to be locked into some of the early stages of what appears to be a security arms race with hackers.


Possible ways hackers could use to tamper with cyber security

A host of cyber security experts believe that machine learning in malware will compel a huge amount of people to spend big in analytics and intelligence, reaching slightly more than $96 billion by 2021. Cyber-criminals will try as much as possible and use machine learning to outdo IT security while going ahead to launch new forms of cyber-attacks, according to industry experts predictions. It is expected that in 2018 onwards, advanced phishing emails, smart botnets, highly evasive malware, threat intelligence, and tampering with machine learning language among others are the methods that will be used in creating machine learning malware.


What should be done to mitigate this impending crisis?

With machine learning malware threatening to disrupt cyber security, defenders are working extra hard to ensure that they find novel ways of shielding vulnerable systems from impending attacks. Thankfully, these defenders have answers at their disposal; the artificial intelligence too. The biggest trouble is that this trend is bound to result in an arms race scenario with each side trying to counter the other. However, there is no choice but to up the game and employ weaponized artificial intelligence to counter such ill motives from hackers with a will of disrupting cyber-security. To be on the safe side, firms need to constantly carry out internal research and develop weaponized artificial intelligence for their own sake.

Date: 22 February 2018, 8:02 am
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