What are Containers and Why Manage Them in Cloud?

What are Containers and Why Manage Them in Cloud?

The need to use applications effectively over different running environments has led to increased embracement of cloud containers. The concept of containerization involves isolation of processes in the sharing of the operating system. Containers are necessary for creating cloud-based distributed applications. Containerization binds applications, libraries, and dependencies for easy use and compatibility. They offer an abstraction mechanism of the application from their working environments. 


Deployment of Containers 

The implementation of containers can be either downloaded for the case of an existing image or through a new image creation. Container management in the cloud enables the abstraction of an image of codes and dependencies that can be reproduced and run in different environments. The reuse eliminates any possibilities of inconsistency experiences leading to the delivery of good work.


Why Prefer Management in the Cloud?


  1. Cloud-based management is easier and cheap regarding costs. That is enabled by the cloud providers whereby they handle the necessary updates to do with the repositories, tools, and images. They also take care of maintaining the database as well as ensuring security for all the contents they hold on the cloud.
  2. They allow application operations to run from one environment to another. Without the containerization concept, most applications may not initiate their processes in a different computing environment. The cloud management ensures reliable operations.
  3. Container management in the cloud provides the necessary tools such as security tracker to enable containers usage in various stages; for instance, development and production. Such tools include container builder and container registry as well as Container-Optimized Operating System, which include image keeping, management, and reasonable safety measures respectively. Monitoring tools such as docker’s stats are also provided.
  4. Containers’ ability to run at any given instance is well enabled and supported by their management in the cloud. They can be easily used for development since they are easily deployed in most common operating systems. That kind of control guarantees the accessibility of many applications.

The container management in the cloud is beneficial to any company that wants to embrace the benefits that come with the adoption of ever-growing technology. Their low cost, portability, and reliability have transformed operations for many organisations.

Date: 2 February 2018, 10:02 am
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