Job Interviews Outside The Office? Here's How To Procure An Offsite-Interview

Job Interviews Outside The Office? Here's How To Procure An Offsite-Interview

Recruitment in an organisation is not always conducted in the office. The HR may choose a different location which could be influenced by various factors. Interviews done on the company’s premises may interfere with the normal operations, while the HR team is also interested in learning the behaviour of the candidates in a more relaxed environment. As the HR manager, you need to keep in mind that you are the company’s brand ambassador, even when conducting offsite job interviews.


Plan and Strategise Your Offsite Job Interviews

Conducting offsite job interviews can influence the behaviour of the hiring manager to maintain a more casual attitude, as opposed to an office setting. You need to realise that your duties are not dependent on the location where your carry out the interviews. Choose a place where your candidates will be comfortable and avoid private premises. Prepare relevant interview questions and go through the candidates’ resumes before commencing the interviews. 

If possible, ensure that you choose an offsite location which is closely related to the job type that you are recruiting. For example, you may decide to conduct the interviews for hotel vacancies in another hotel setting to study the behaviours of the candidates over a cup of tea or water. You should, however, be careful not to create an impression that you are enticing their employees to attend your interview by communicating with the management about the type of interviews taking place.


Proper Interview Scheduling and Communication

On the day of conducting the hiring process, you need to communicate with the venue after arrival, as well as to engage with candidates and letting them know that you are the deciding recruiting personnel. This interaction will help you get more information about your candidates, and what they expect from the interview. While conducting the interview, ensure that you spend at least 25 minutes with each candidate. This time may be less if you realise that the interviewee’s expectation or qualification does not match with the job on offer. To prevent candidates from meeting each other, you should set different sections for those who have gone through the interview and those in the waiting area.

Date: 25 January 2018, 14:01 pm
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