Gemalto Global Cloud Data Security Study: The Cloud As A Risk?!

Gemalto Global Cloud Data Security Study: The Cloud As A Risk?!

Many european countries have always focused on protecting the assets stored in their corporate clouds. One of these is UK and Germany. However, the United Kingdom now seems to fall behind. This is according to the recent study that Gemalto, a digital security company, has conducted. 


Data Privacy and Protection

The need to regulate data in the cloud has continually been dire since customer information and payment information among other vital information are always at stake, because of their high level of sensitivity. Hence, many companies have faced the need to improve their privacy and data protection regulations. The Global Cloud Data Security Study offers to understand that 49 percent of companies are always worried about their customer information being under attack – while even 5 percent more fear for their payment information.

The cloud remains an open wound to many enterprises as 43 percent of corporate data is stored in the cloud. But what is really alarming, is the high percentage of cloud data lying there uncontrolled: 53 percent were never touched by an IT specialist. It seems that awareness for confidentiality and sensitivity do not yet go along in the cloud. The need to ensure that data protection and privacy fall under the new set of regulations is dire.

Prevalently, new approaches need to be employed to ensure that the challenges in the cloud industry are being met with effectiveness and efficiency. Ultimately, companies are now competing against each other to ensure that they become the most trusted companies not only in data protection but also in data privacy, confidentiality, and sensitivity.

Date: 25 January 2018, 15:01 pm
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