The New Ad-blocking Chrome Experience

The New Ad-blocking Chrome Experience

The new ad-blocking Chrome will go live on 15th of february 2018. The aim of upgrading Chrome this way is to reduce spammy adverts. Google says that the new ad blocker will not be blocking all advertisements; it will only prevent bad adverts as determined by the standards of the Coalition for Better Ads. This coalition bans full-page advertisements, flashing adverts, and ads that automatically play video and sound.


Prior Notice to Publishers

Google intends to let websites containing these adverts know about the likely blocking through Ad Experience Report tool, which Google owns. Any site that does not meet the requirements over a 30-day period will lead Google to block all their adverts. The primary aim of this program is to do away with bad adverts on the internet, a move that will reduce users of blanket advert blockers. This program will give Google more control over internet marketing than it already has. 


Ad Experience Tool 

Google's Ad Experience tool helps publishers to check if their sites will fail the new standards. The setback with this tool is that bad adverts' warning labels remain in the tool long after site owners fix the issue. A spokesman from Google confirms that the warning labels will not be automatically removed. Site owners have to request a second review of their websites so that the status can change in the Ad Experience API. It is worth mentioning that Google representatives have been explaining to publishers what the upcoming changes are and why they are necessary. This move has given publishers hope that the changes are not detrimental to them.

Date: 19 January 2018, 11:01 am
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