Top 5 cloud security threats in 2018

Top 5 cloud security threats in 2018

Information technology will continue to fight against cloud security threats in 2018 just as it has been in the previous years. With the lingering threats that continue looming over businesses this year, the need for practicing data protection is more important than ever before. To know more about these threats, here are the top 5 cloud security dangers:


1. Inadequate security tools in the cloud

Most businesses aren't fully equipped with adequate cloud security tools, hence the reason data leakages occur. By investing a little time in an efficient cloud security tool, every business will be able to adequately protect its data in cloud.


2. Human errors

Perhaps one of the biggest threats in cloud security is the number of human errors that occur. In cloud computing, even the smallest human error can lead to hijacked user credentials that jeopardise cloud data and leave them vulnerable to online scams, phishing, and other such cyber attacks.


3. Insecure interfaces 

Not all web services offer secure interfaces to their clients. An insecure interface does not have the latest technology to prevent cyber attacks. This is why every organisation must invest in the best APIs, especially those that don't allow an insight into a third party service. 


4. Ransomware is becoming more destructive 

Hackers are now discovering the huge profitability of ransomware. They target people who have important files on their computers and will pay a ransom to get those files back. As ransomware evolves, its prevention becomes a huge challenge for small and large businesses. 


5. The companies' insiders wreaking havoc

Another significant cloud security threat comes from companies' insiders. These are people within an enterprise who have full access to all the internal systems and know how to abuse them. Although many businesses are introducing new procedures to prevent this type of problem, some will require a complete corporate culture change in order to stop these insiders from causing havoc.

Date: 12 January 2018, 9:01 am
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