Wifi Aware - Engage with local, social and local activities

Wifi Aware - Engage with local, social and local activities

New Wi-Fi Aware technology allows a mobile device to scan the local environment for Wi-Fi connections, information and applications in real time. It is a background process that notifies you whenever something of interest is within a connectable distance.

Does it drain the battery?

On the contrary, it saves power by using power efficient technology, which saves the battery for when it is needed. You can engage with local, social and local activities and save battery power because your device shows what is nearby before connecting.

What do people use it for?

Local services are often used on public transport and government buildings. Some people use them to connect with co-workers in different offices, and some use it to find other people to play online games with. It can connect with any type of device so long as it has Wi-Fi, which is not something that other companies can lay claim to.

Some people use it to get information on the location they are at or the features of the building they are in, such as looking up an artist in a museum. Many people set their device to scan for others in the area that have the same apps, such as gaming or dating apps.

Business and social influence

One of the major selling points is that you do not need a GPS signal or mobile signal. It means you can navigate and get direction alerts without a GPS signal or navigation software. It also means business people can connect with others in very crowded areas, and can be notified when certain people enter an area.
Date: 8 April 2015, 9:41 am
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