The Cloud Might Be Even More Costly And Unsecure Than You Think

The Cloud Might Be Even More Costly And Unsecure Than You Think

Many companies are making a transition from their own IT infrastructure to cloud resources. This movement of crucial data to the cloud is being procured to enhance storage and safety of data, but few people are aware of the dangers that this technology could pose to the company. 


Cost Factor

Some companies are going for cloud sourcing to reduce the operating costs in data storage, but this could be a temporary way of cutting costs. At the moment, cloud sourcing seems like a cheap way of data storage. However, the costs are expected to go up as more companies get onboard, which will increase demand and lower supply of cloud services. Companies will be expected to sing to the tune of cloud service providers since they will be left with no choice than to adhere to the scaling costs.



The issue of security in cloud sourcing seems to attract many businesses into using the service providers. Relying on somebody else to take care of your data might not be a right decision after all. A cloud sourcing company which handles data from hundreds of firms may not be keen enough on ensuring that each company’s data is well preserved

Cloud sourcing companies may also not be transparent enough to notify you of any unethical data access on their servers. In general, you cannot be assured of an open and ethical storage of your data by a company you have no control over.


Buildung A Company-Owned Cloud

Having your own infrastructure for data storage may be a better choice since you can conduct periodical checks and changes without the need of going through a third-party. But security in cloud sourcing companies can neither be guaranteed as employees may have access to your sensitive data. 

Date: 13 November 2017, 7:33 am
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