How the Digital Workplace is Affecting Every Aspect of Work

How the Digital Workplace is Affecting Every Aspect of Work

The use of mobile gadgets has continued to grow, and with it, collaboration solutions have been born. The digital workspace, which is made up of collaborative technologies and mobile has had a significant impact on how businesses are currently using them for decision making in changing purchasing process and attitudes. Digitalisation has also affected employee relation, their interaction with clients, and support partners to create a more efficient and effective business. A workspace strategy is needed for any company to ensure that it remains relevant and competitive in the digital world.


Impact of non-IT Departments on IT

A survey carried out on about 2,000 executives, both in IT and non-IT fields, by CDW has revealed the effects of digital workspace in purchasing decisions. In the study, departments which are not directly related to IT seem to be making the most significant impact on the buying process of IT departments. The buying processes mainly focus on services which are linked to mobile and collaborative technologies and applications. 

The Digital Workspace Solutions Report by CDW shows that mobile and collaborative technologies are viewed as a single unit in the businesses by seventy percent of both IT and non-IT executives. Companies now treat the two platforms equally with a change in one affecting the other. Mobile and collaborative strategies have been linked further with the help of virtual desktops, according to CDW director Nathan Coutinho.


Role of EMM

The integration of the mobile and collaborative technologies has seen a significant growth in the use of voice, video, chat platforms and direct messaging. Employees are now using less of their desktop phones by shifting to mobile gadgets for communication whether around the office, in the field, or at home. Enterprise mobility management platforms (EMM) vendors have realised this migration and are moving fast to provide support to IT departments to offer a better platform for operation from the mobile devices.

Date: 27 October 2017, 11:20 am
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