Finding The Needle In The Hay Stack: Active Sourcing

Finding The Needle In The Hay Stack: Active Sourcing

Recruitment sourcing strategy is a process of identifying suitable candidates to occupy a vacancy either by the HR department or an organization credited to conduct the recruitment process by the company. Active sourcing means that an organisation creates and maintains a pool of talents from which they can choose the most suitable candidate to occupy a vacant position in the company. To have a successful active sourcing technique there are various processes that can be followed.


Employees Referrals

One of the best places to advertise for a job vacancy is within the organisation. Employees in the firm can apply for the jobs first if they meet the minimum requirements for the job, or they can refer the opportunities to their friends and relatives. Most workers have a network of friends who they schooled with or worked within different organisations and know they are suitable for the vacancies. 


Recruiting Database

A company or a hiring agent can have a database which houses all the suitable candidates to fill a position when a need arises. A constant update of the database ensures that only the most suitable candidates are contacted. This reduces the process of interviewing candidates who have not attained the minimum requirements. Interns in your company can be added to the recruitment pool based on their achievement and performance during the internship period. HR managers may contact them at a future date to check on whether they may be interested in joining the organisation once again. 


Market Your Company

An organisation should be in a position to sell itself and give potential candidates a reason to join the firm. Potential candidates should be able to see what the company does and give them a culture, goals, environment and vision which they can identify with. Candidates who feel that they meet the standards of working at your company will take action of approaching you for any positions that need to be filled.

Date: 18 October 2017, 11:37 am
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