Which Social Media Platform Is Best In Business Promotion?

Which Social Media Platform Is Best In Business Promotion?

Social Media is now more important than ever and the power social media platforms have in regards to advertising and marketing is strong. The biggest advantage social media advertising has over other forms of promotion is the ability for businesses to target their exact audience with a few simple steps. Knowing how to utilise different social media platforms can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to online advertising. 


A Breakdown Of The Best Platforms


Facebook is a good platform for interaction between consumers and businesses. Their advert targeting allows businesses to pay per click and be very specific in the audience they want to bring to their page. Facebook is also very useful for businesses that want to build a big online presence through the use of a Facebook page. With the ability for users to 'Like' and 'Share' posts with others, the possibility for Facebook page growth is high if the content is right. The 'Like' and 'Share' are viewed 20 billion times per day, and are a valuable tool when it comes to online marketing. 



Twitter is a great platform for business promotion, and with the character limit on Tweets, it means they can be read quickly and responded to easily by users. Twitters hashtag function is probably the best way to get potential consumers to your business, with the hashtag function working as a search system for related content. Just under 40 percent of respondents in a recent survey stated that they prefer to hear from businesses on Twitter than Facebook and other platforms. 



Instagram is rising in the world of business promotion, with the ability to share visual content using hashtags, it is a simple way for businesses to gain exposure. Instagram is mostly used by people under the age of 35 and is mainly accessed using mobile devices. With around 105 million daily users, it's easy to see why it is becoming more attractive to businesses.

Date: 21 September 2017, 11:52 am
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