A Review of CFOs and 5 Measures They can Take to Foster Finance Transformation

A Review of CFOs and 5 Measures They can Take to Foster Finance Transformation

A CFO who can give an accurate report on the financial position of a firm with great detail and insight on time is empowered. A precise financial snapshot explains competitive positioning for the future and enables planning that is workable, constant and flows.

It also indicates the way finance handles and uses the data the organization generates to portray the business in the right way. Financial change is crucial in how the finance department works to achieve a substantial improvement in performance by delivering services that meet the requirements of the business better. This takes time to implement and needs to be split into multiple projects.


The benefits of financial transformation are numerous

Supporting the business is the main reason for beginning a finance transformation. It also adds value to clients and gives shareholders better returns. It might be about improving the efficiency of the finance function works and address ways the finance department could be a better working environment.


Fostering Finance Transformation

  • A strong vision and clear aspiration is the anchor that allows people to reflect as they work towards a goal. The program needs to support the strategy of the organisation and the expectations of key investors.
  • A profund change management focus is crucial to a positive change. The impact these programmes have on finance and business is important.
  • Certainty about the upcoming operating strategy is vital to the success of a transformation. Understanding their business processes can enable making changes while handling the organisation's risk and reputation.
  • Success needs the right people and includes those working directly on the project and in the leadership team.
  • Get the foundation set up right and measure the development. Review data, technology, process and people, and identify what should be done first.

A transformation program is an ongoing journey. Recap on why you instigated the programme, the goals and milestones and ensure the programme is the path of success.

Date: 31 August 2017, 11:31 am
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