Using Technology to Promote Employee Development

Using Technology to Promote Employee Development

Human resources development, or HRD, is the process in which the Human Resources Department of a company helps its employees to develop. Develop in this sense means acquiring competencies, increasing knowledge, and enhancing skills. The purpose of human resource development is to increase performance and productivity. In addition to focusing on workplace skills enhancement, human resources development is also concerned with the personal development of employees, as it sees work and personal development in a holistic light.


Remote training

To achieve development among employees, companies adopt a number of strategies. Training is one. In the past, before the digital age, most employees worked in the office of the company and attended training in a face-to-face environment. Today, many employees work remotely, even if they are in the same city.

Globalisation has brought with it the possibility of employees in other countries working online, as well. Online training is therefore a new challenge for human resources developers. Courses that achieve the desired outcomes and reflect the company's ethics and values have to be devised.


Remote coaching and mentoring

Individual coaching is another option. This is a one-on-one relationship between an executive coach and the employee in which issues relating to the latter's personal and work life are dealt with, in order to improve productivity. Coaching can be done remotely via Skype or chat, for example.

Mentoring – a relationship between a mentor who is more experienced or more knowledgeable than the mentee. The mentor helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable mentee through their work. This has been shown to be very beneficial to employees. This relationship can also be conducted via delayed technology, such as email.

Human resources departments need to create human development programmes that cater for interactions other than face-to-face. Technology provides a number of options that departments can use.

Date: 1 August 2017, 13:17 pm
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