Data Driven Marketing: What it is and why it matters

Data Driven Marketing: What it is and why it matters

Data Driven Marketing (DDM) is the use of customer data to inform and influence marketing decisions. This may be either primary data – often collated from customer surveys – or secondary data such as browsing or search habits. Data Driven Marketing has become increasingly accessible to companies at all levels with the introduction of online customer panels.

Aspects of Data Driven Marketing

Traditional online marketing methods are becoming less effective as consumers block ads, ignore click-through opportunities and move to social networks. Adding value is crucial: There is far more online content out there today than can be consumed effectively, so it's important to use data to produce content that people find useful, original and interesting. Many consumers are suspicious of how their personal data will be used. Providing clear, transparent answers helps to build a reputation for trustworthiness. Meanwhile, sharing data in eye-catching and original ways can encourage customers to see a company as an authority in its field, making them more likely to turn to it in the future.

Successful implementation

Avoiding data overload and keeping a business focused on its customers can be achieved by simplifying the processes and data involved in Data Driven Marketing. Many businesses have already made the leap to using DDM effectively. Those earlier on this journey can learn from their examples and network with people who have experience of the process, helping marketing to evolve appropriately. Effective integration requires a holistic approach involving both staff and customer, so looking at how to improve engagement both within and outside the company is also vital. With so much data now available, the risk of over-complexity is large and growing. Streamlining marketing operations ensures that the impact of any new developments is clear.

Date: 9 May 2017, 9:23 am