Snapchat Data Leak: Exposing User-Based Theft and Threats

Snapchat Data Leak: Exposing User-Based Theft and Threats

A news report has recently emerged which claims that the personal details of no less than 1.7 million Snapchat users was leaked into the so-called "dark web". It is rumoured that these actions were taken by a group of disgruntled employees who had become offended over a document which quoted CEO Evan Spiegel as claiming India to be a "poor country". Since this information first went public, ratings have taken massive hits across iOS and Android operating devices. Trending tweets including "#BoycottSnapchat" have arisen and while Snapchat has labelled the rumours as being completely fabricated, it appears as if a significant amount of damage may have already been done.

Who Were the Culprits?

Although there is still a certain amount of controversy surrounding this report, many believe that the hackers were employees of an Indian firm. Their role was to look for potentially weak areas within an operating system that could be exploited. They would then be rewarded based upon such findings. Unfortunately, it seems as if their talents may have done more harm than good. It is alleged that they leaked all Snapchat data for free as a form of electronic protest against the comments of its CEO. However, the real danger revolves around the inherent nature of the dark web. Assuming that personal details such as IP addresses and passwords were released, there is a potential for this information to be used maliciously by more nefarious operators. 

Snapchat Rebuffs Hacking Claims

Snapchat has not yet confirmed the rumours surrounding this massive leak. Representatives instead stated that this false news was leaked by a single employee and that they are proud to work with cultures from across the globe. Until more concrete details emerge, it appears as if any confirmation will have to wait.

Date: 25 April 2017, 9:36 am
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