The many capabilities of ad customizers

The many capabilities of ad customizers

Ad customizers are the latest powerful tools that advertisers are using for adapting text adverts to what someone is searching for, where they are located, and even what time of the day they are online. There are numerous customizer capabilities that can be utilised in simple functions and text. To know more, read this brief guide on the many functions of ad customizers.

One of the main features of ad customizers is their countdown function that lets you create a sense of urgency within the advert. Most advertisers know the call to action links that urge customers click on their website links. For example, if you are running a 30 per cent promotion on your products, you would want your potential buyers to know exactly when this sale will be happening and for how long. This will be possible through ad customizers as you can automate the countdown function according to your marketing needs. 

Ad customizers are especially useful for marketers who are managing a large inventory. They can be used as brand-related keywords in order to show specific information about the products. If you are trying to sell your products in different regions, you can use customizers to find your customer’s physical location and show them the relevant products. 

Tweaking each of your adverts daily or weekly can be a full-time task, however, by using Google Shopping, you can easily upload your products with the right discount and the end dates so that your potential buyers don’t ever miss out on price changes. Whenever you need to make updates, simply make the appropriate adjustments on a spreadsheet before uploading it into the ad customizer section of AdWords. 

Once you start using ad customizers, your customers will gain confidence knowing exactly what you are offering and the incentives they will get by buying the product from you. 

Date: 2 December 2016, 13:07 pm
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