Protecting Your System against Ransomware

Protecting Your System against Ransomware

Ransomware has been an increasing threat over the past few years with businesses and consumers facing terrible losses. This type of cybercrime involves hacking of critical information and then holding it for ransom until the owners pay. Most of these attacks target companies where data is a vital resource. A majority of ransomware infects systems through emails. Users click on infected links and end up with compromised data files. The most common tactic is to make files unreadable or inaccessible and then demand payment in the form of bitcoins to release the originals. In some instances, hackers can threaten to release highly sensitive or damming information to the public.

Safeguard Measures

Exercising cautionary measures is paramount in avoiding being a victim of such cyber attacks. Secure data backup is one suggestion to go with. It is not enough to backup on an external drive because that can be compromised as well. Cloud services are the best solution and always ensure you have multiple backups. Backing up in remote locations will minimise the chances of a ransomware attack because they are not on a connected network. Installing patches is another form of protection. Most of these ransomware attacks take advantage of vulnerable and outdated systems. Software updates will reduce the risks of hacking. Configuring automatic updates, if possible, is an excellent way to guarantee of this.

Installing antivirus software is highly advisable. It may seem obvious, but hackers sometimes look for users without tech savvies. Antivirus will protect against some primary infections. Web filtering and firewalls will also provide the necessary security. The level of security should be proportionate to the sensitivity of data stored on a particular system. Last but not least, keeping the workforce educated on matters of cyber security will serve you well. Not everyone knows the extent of these risks, so providing them with the relevant information will go a long way. Checking employee privileges is also vital. Employees should only have access to sections of the systems that are fundamental to their work.

Date: 12 August 2016, 8:38 am
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