Why CIOs are a Worried

Why CIOs are a Worried

Why CIOs are a Worried Lot Despite the Tremendous Potential that IT Provides
The latest advancements in Information Technology, such as Big Data, IoT and more, offer great scope for enterprises to unlock new horizons and improve efficiency. Yet, CIOs are a worried lot. 

The major cause for worry is the extremely fluid nature of the IT space, which leaves them fighting a constant battle to ensure the company's IT infrastructure is capable enough to withstand the rigours of fast paced changes, and ensure the set-up meets the long term requirements of the organisation.

A related cause for worry is the need for speed, partly pushed by the fast paced nature of today's business, and partly owing to the short shelf life IT products enjoy before new technology makes them obsolete. Recent research by EMC estimates three out of every four CIOs believe they need to launch new products and services in half the time it takes today. 

Another big challenge that keep CIOs worried is making sense of the data or information overload. The same survey concludes 41 percent of CIOs find extracting value from increasing volumes of data as the top challenge the organisation face.

Many CIOs are unable to meet these challenges, and as such risk isolation within the enterprise. 

The solutions, however, are not hard to finds. Implementing an agile and easily scalable IT infrastructure, training IT professionals in the emerging trends, such as cloud computing and converged infrastructure, and other measures are touted as possible solutions to overcome the above mentioned challenges. However, above all, there is a pressing need for CIOS to stop being obsessed with the technical side of things, and evaluate things from a business perspective. For IT and CIOs to stay relevant, they need to become an efficient business-focused engine that gels in well, and complements the overall scheme of things, rather than expect the business to adept to the available IT infrastructure.

Date: 19 May 2016, 14:48 pm
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