@Advertisers! #TwitterExpansionWins

@Advertisers! #TwitterExpansionWins

Twitter is relatively new to the world of advertising, having only last year initiated their Twitter Publisher Network (TPN) which allowed managed clients (and managed clients only) to advertise through off-site apps. However, following positive reviews and an uptick in expected profits, the company is looking to broaden these horizons even more.


The TPN was only available in a limited number of countries, but this is looking to more than double in the next few weeks and months.


There are some three hundred million Twitter users, and up to seven hundred million peripheral computer users. Twitters expansion looks to move from only targeting Twitter users to accessing the extra four hundred million potential customers who do not actively have or use Twitter. This will be possible as advertisements will be disseminated through mobile apps and similar non-Twitter-specific formats.


The new look TPN, which has incidentally undergone a name change along with the new innovations, now being called the Twitter Audience Platform, boasts Tweet Engagement, a key performance indicator that can let a brand understand how meaningful interaction with customers, fans and followers can be, and also relay statistics detailing the frequency of those customers and fans following up on an interaction by purchasing or recommending a product. This feature allows the business to track the value, both literal and metaphorical, of their brand on social media.


The other new feature is one that advertisers have been in love with for some time. Twitter is now allowing, promoting and pushing video advertising, again both on and off the Twitter platform.


These two new features are currently available in beta, in certain countries, to managed clients only. New customers must sign up to a management package to take advantage of this new, much wider market audience pool. In return, Twitter promises more return on investment, more efficiency and more engagement: the triple crown of advertising success.

Date: 15 January 2016, 13:00 pm
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