Are your cloud services costing too much?

 Are your cloud services costing too much?

As the cloud becomes more mainstream and integrated within general business use, spiraling costs for services and budgetary challenges are also becoming more commonplace. 

Logicworks conducted a recent audit on the cloud costs of a large media organisation that's used Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the past three years. Their results highlighted common problems faced by a number of business users and IT departments. The audit highlighted the following:

cloud engineers spend time firefighting and supporting code releases
IT cloud engineers had no time for best practice configs or new AWS updates
approx. 20 percent of cloud computing resources wasted
15 percent of computing activities could not be linked to active projects
manual launch and update of instances meant each instance was configured differently by engineers

Logicworks recommended an automated system to incorporate AWS CloudFormation templates and automation scripts, meaning the business retained documentation for changes made, this will also reduce errors within the department. One major benefit of this system is that the company retains timestamped documentation for future reference, saving time and expense after engineers have left the company's employ.

An article in the Wall Street Journal in February 2015 also highlighted how some businesses viewed their move to cloud services as wasteful and highlighted over ordering of computing services and engineers who seemed to think the service was free and would leave computing jobs processing through weekends while they were absent from work, reducing any cost savings the business achieved from cloud services to zero. 

Businesses signing up for cloud services need to keep tabs on use and manage their service consistently. The worldwide spend on cloud services is anticipated to reach almost $60million this year, so keeping costs competitive is essential for every business.

Date: 11 December 2015, 15:31 pm
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