In awe AT TIMI and its predictive analytical tools

In awe AT TIMI and its predictive analytical tools

The TIMi business insight company exist to help you mine data, which you may then use within their analytic and predictive tools. They offer a predictive analytic tool that has exceptional accuracy, scalability and speed.

The key features that TIMi has

TIMi Business Insight has a range of features and functions, to the point where there are too many to cover in one article, so here are the most prominent and powerful functions, features and selling points. 

TIMi is able to read native datasets stored in your compressed text files. The features of TIMi will increase your productivity, and TIMi doesn’t force you to do negative things that may reduce the substance and the accuracy of your various predictive models. 

Yet, they have more to offer 

TIMi may be used to connect to a wide variety of internal and external databases, and TIMi helps to create predictive models that most people can understand without any formal training or process training. Using TIMi is relatively low cost and it is able to remove all technological risks that are linked to your predictive analytics projects. 

TIMi helps to ensures high quality results and may be 100% integrated into SAS. With TIMi, you may undertake collaboration projects within your team of data miners. 

TIMi ensures consistent quality along with ensuring an easy and fully automated industrialisation of all your analytical solutions. TIMi is also user-friendly and the results may be understood without needing a degree in analytics and/or business. You will not need an advanced maths degree to be able to understand what TIMi has to show you. TIMi is insensible to errors inside your data. 

You will not require expensive data cleaning once you have TIMi. It helps your business become more independent via its use of their Teradata engine to allow the use of "ubiquitous predictive analytics". In their own words, they give you the "shortest time to market" through the efficiency and speed of their tools. They offer datamining tools that are accurate and scalable.


Date: 4 December 2015, 10:00 am
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