Hackers are a greater danger than expected

Hackers are a greater danger than expected
A new IBM survey proves that 60% of those responsible for IT security at companies are aware of great weaknesses as to their security systems.

An international consultation of 138 security administrators and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) revealed that more than 80% of them consider security problems getting more and more. In the focus of these concerns are the latest technological developments, such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Mobile.

Specific and shifty attacks are the greatest source of danger according to those polled. A further challenge is the issuing of appropriate new laws. The future requires the focus being set on the repelling of external attacks. Equally important is attentiveness to new regulations, innovative technologies, and in-house hazards. Therefore, according to Brendan Hannigan (General Manager at IBM security), CISOs will soon be located on board level.

Reconsider the dealing with the cyber world:

IBM initiated the study in order to collect data as to the repelling of cyber attacks at companies. The current study proves that over 70% of the companies use established technologies in the fight for network intrusion, prevention, and malware detection.

More than half of the security administrators know that only new technologies will protect against data loss. Likewise, the Cloud and the deployment of mobile terminals need to be equipped with new security systems.

All results of the IBM CISO study:

In the future, for companies, the Cloud will have top priority. Security measures will account for the major part of the budget.

Although data-based security-intelligence solutions are considered as particularly important and real-time applications come more and more to the fore, it lacks the required experience in the field data classification and security-intelligence analyses, which goes for all mobile solutions as well.

Ever and ever are new regulations deferred:

Aside from the real danger of attacks, from the CISOs` view, precarious legal conditions pose a risk to companies. Due to the great differences among the world`s countries, there cannot be true legal protection against cyber crime. Thus, a global solution, which is urgently required, is not in sight.

More authority for CISOs:

The more dangerous cyber attacks become, the more significant becomes the CISOs` position. This development has been growing in the past three years. Almost all CISOs have gained more influence and now work with assistants.

Gerd Rademann (Business Unit Executive IBM Security Systems for the DACH-market) takes the view that hazards and legal regulations are getting more on a daily basis. It is necessary to satisfy legal regulations and to find innovations in the fight against shifty cyber attacks.
Date: 14 December 2014, 15:50 pm
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