The amount of internet attacks is further increasing

The amount of internet attacks is further increasing
Security on the internet is an important topic these days. Last year, the Russian software company Kaspersky registered over six billion cyber attacks. The company is specialized in security and operates on a global scale. Germany is a conspicuous case, as it belongs to the so called risk group. In 2014, Kaspersky repelled at least one internet attack with 40 % of the users in Germany. Moreover, 12,56 % of all Mac attacks were carried out on German users. In recent years, the amount of attacks on mobile terminals is has been increasing. Often, attackers try to gain data from the financial sector. There are new attacking methods as to private and business users, making the repelling of attacks even more difficult

In 2013, Kaspersky had to repel 5.2 Billion attacks. One year later, the number was increasing to 6.2 Billion, constituting a growth of 20%. Every day, the Russian software company detects 325.000 harmful datasets on average. Two years ago, it was merely 125.000 per day. As compared to last year, the number has increased to 10.000 datasets per day. It is alarming that, in Germany, the probability of becoming a victim of an internet attack is higher than the worldwide average. As to the most endangered countries, Germany ranks on the eleventh position. Another important point to consider is that the attacks are often conducted in Germany itself. 16, 6% of all internet attacks worldwide are conducted in Germany. Within this inglorious statistics only the U.S ranks higher than Germany.

Most of the harmful data have devastating repercussions on users, most notably financial data. Last year, Kaspersky Labs could repel 16,5 million attacks aimed at the theft of money. Two million of them were specialized in the online access to bank accounts. Moreover, there are various bank-Trojans. A widespread pest within this branch is the so called Zeus-Trojan.

Although almost only Windows computer were afflicted by malware previously, the number of attacks on Macs is increasing. Every eighth attack on Macs was conducted in Germany. On the whole, Kaspersky could thwart 3,7 attempts. The attempt to infect mobile terminals is particularly conspicuous. As to Android devices, Kaspersky had to intervene four times more frequently than in the past year. More than half of these attacks were aimed at the users` finances. For that, mostly bank-Trojans were used. Also in the field of mobile pest Germany ranks way above average. In this field Germany ranks on position four.
Date: 22 December 2014, 15:41 pm
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