Data protection must be reconsidered continually

Data protection must be reconsidered continually
Thorough research by the author Raoul Egeli has shown that the European Union intends to tighten data protection. But rather than tie the hands of the tireless data gatherers Google and Facebook, medium-sized companies will be robbed of their creditor protection capabilities. Thus, the EU is endangering the economy.

Private persons are entitled to prevent enquiries regarding their payment behaviour. Thus, small companies who trade on the internet are forced to ask for prepayment. This, in turn, can act as a deterrent and orders go to large internet companies who can afford a payment default. Due to mutual mistrust, medium-sized companies are losing their client base.

Currently, this is only a bad vision, but one that might just become real. Because of the entitlement to deletion of customer data, a lot of information that is important for trade is lost to payment behaviour. But the desired effect of containing the data collection frenzy of Google and Facebook will hardly be attained. Even if the data protection terms have to be shown more clearly in future, this is no guarantee that they are read. Thus, Facebook and Google will continue to make lucrative business with legally collected data, because they collect this with the permission of the users of these data in exchange for their services.

In Switzerland, all online traders are also always creditors of their customers. As such, they have a legitimate right to information about their business partners. The Swiss data protection act also underpins this right in legal terms. A simple credit assessment with credit bureaus, debt enforcement agencies and public authorities represents the basis for delivery on invoice. This is the only way in which online trade will continue to flourish.

This economic success is endangered by the planned EU data protection regulation. Switzerland will also take over most components of the EU data protection regulation, due to business links with EU citizens. Even the 25-member expert commission of the Bundesrat is pursuing similar plans to those of the EU. Medium-sized businesses are only represented in this group with one vote. A credit assessment can ensure the survival of medium-sized online traders and prevent the monopolization of trade for the benefit of all consumers.
Date: 9 January 2015, 14:41 pm
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