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Webinar: End-to-End Security Solutions for Mid-Market Businesses

From the evident statistics we know that: • 95% of actual breaches begin at the endpoint. • It can take up to 108 days before an advanced threat is even noticed. And only 34% of mid-market business have security executives or leadership dedicated to IT security. Dell endpoint security allows you free up more of your time to focus on strategic priorities with its built-in security, comprehensive threat management and data security features that help protect your competitive advantage. This webinar will help you to learn directly from in ...more

Assembling Your Cloud Orchestra: A field guide to multicloud management

Operating in a multicloud environment is a reality for most enterprise functions today, though too often it happens in silos. Whether it’s human resources recruiting candidates, manufacturing tracking shipments or marketing enticing customers, business units often circumvent their own IT departments to directly access services on the cloud. Instead of ignoring or attempting to stifle organizational forays onto multiple clouds, IT needs to get better at facilitating, orchestrating and optimizing enterprise multicloud footing. Enterprises tha ...more

Develop faster with DevOps: Artificial intelligence in test automation

Disruptive changes characterize the digital transformation. Companies are responding effectively to these challenges by adapting their IT skills and IT environment. DevOps provides an approach to quickly optimize digital innovation processes. One promising option is the targeted use of artificial intelligence in test automation. ...more

Programming language COBOL - with a bedrock into the digital future?

Programming languages form important frameworks in the expansion of digitization. Developers use them to build programs and systems for the future. But does this work with an old language? The programming language Cobol ("Common Business Oriented Language") has been used for decades to formulate calculation rules for business applications and is used worldwide in business. It celebrated its 60th birthday this year. This article shows how to maintain COBOL-based programs and migrate portfolios according to modern standards. ...more

Insights from IBM on the journey to SAP S/4HANA

To speed up their digital transformation journey, thousands of organizations across the globe are seriously considering how and when their organization should adopt SAP S/4HANA. Moving to SAP S/4HANA, however, can be a massive undertaking. To reduce some of the risks associated with the change and give companies a clear path of action, IBM has offered clients the ability to conduct an assessment with IBM’s HANA Impact Assessment. For companies wishing to adopt SAP S/4HANA — regardless of their industry or where they stand in their implement ...more

What You Need to Know about Migrating to SAP S/4HANA

If your company is one of hundreds of thousands that rely on the SAP Business Suite for your critical business operations, then you are likely in the process to move to SAP’s cloud offer, SAP S/4HANA. In this paper, we provide considerations to help businesses get started with their move to SAP S/4HANA. We identify the business value of SAP S/4HANA in the context of companies’ overall digital transformation, and recommend factors to help assess how and when to begin the migration. Finally, we discuss the benefits of engaging a third-party ex ...more

Wie Sie mit Blockchain Ihre HR-Strategie optimieren können

Ihr Unternehmen steht unter dem Druck, schneller zu wachsen als je zuvor? Mit einer innovativen Technologie, die ganz auf Veränderung ausgelegt ist, bleiben Sie am Puls der Zeit. Die ursprünglich für Bitcoin entwickelte Blockchain-Technologie ist inzwischen in aller Munde. Unternehmen setzen sie ein, um die dynamischen geschäftlichen Herausforderungen unserer Zeit zu bewältigen und sich auf die Zukunft vorzubereiten. In dieser Studie erfahren Sie, wie Ihr Unternehmen mithilfe von Blockchain neue Maßstäbe bei Plattformen, Prozessen und B ...more

IBM FlashSystem 9100 Storage Family

The new IBM® FlashSystem® 9100 storage adds another all flash array to the IBM FlashSystem product family. IBM FlashSystem 9100 storage takes advantage of the latest drive technology, packaging and Intel® processors to improve performance and make data storage more cost effective. One key storage technology added to IBM FlashSystem 9100 is the NVM ExpressTM (NVMeTM) drive interface. IBM FlashSystem 9100 can make use of a new generation of FlashCore storage modules (FCM) with hardware data compression, that’s been re-designed for NVMe and recon ...more

Magic Quadrant for Solid-State Arrays

Within the next 12 months, solid-state arrays will improve in performance by a factor of 10, and double in density and cost-effectiveness, therefore changing the dynamics of the storage market. This Magic Quadrant will help IT leaders better understand SSA vendors' positioning in the market. ...more

MB Microsoft e-guide

More than ever, medium sized businesses are looking for a competitive edge that enables them to thrive rather than just survive. To accomplish that they need to transform and become more efficient, agile and unrestricted. Dell EMC's advanced technology solutions based on Intel processors help them achieve all of their short and long term goals. These businesses recognise that I.T. is the great enabler and that a wide spectrum of technology-related trends adopted by larger organisations are delivering productivity gains. Therefore, to stay a ...more
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