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VDE founds Competence Center for Information and Corporate Security

Joachim Ringelnatz, the author of humorous poems, has put it in a nutshell: "What is certain is that nothing is certain. Not even that." Less humorous for those affected is the threat of cyber attacks by criminals. After all, 45 percent of VDE member companies are of the opinion that their IT systems are not sufficiently protected. Medium-sized companies in particular are increasingly finding themselves overburdened when it comes to financial and personnel resources to protect their IT security. The VDE has reacted to this by creating the "C ...more

New technologies from AI to BI: What are German companies still waiting for? 

Let innovations mature – and then implement them yourself, optimize them and be more successful than the inventors. This is a common, almost typically German approach when it comes to technologies. This picture is characterized not least by the results of the current Logicalis CIO study. In the annual study conducted by the leading provider of IT solutions and managed services, Logicalis, 814 CIOs worldwide were surveyed. In an international comparison, German participants were hesitant about the use of new technologies. At the same time, the a ...more

The industry is becoming smart – which sectors are affected?

Industry 4.0 is defined by the digital networking of autonomous production resources and their planning and control systems. They have the following features: They can control or configure themselves according to the situation. They are spatially distributed and work sensor-supported or knowledge-based. According to a survey by the digital association Bitcom among 533 industrial companies, every fourth machine or system in Germany currently falls under the above definition – and the trend is rising rapidly. In almost all cases, smart technol ...more
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