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"Cyberattacks are an opportunity in themselves."

Alexander Neff, Vice President Sales, and Hendrik Haas, Director Security Sales DACH, from Micro Focus in an exclusive interview with BusinessIQ about digital transformation, enterprise security and mobile strategies. ...more

Cloud Computing - Integrer component of IT and top topic for CIOs

A digitized company without the cloud? This is unthinkable in 2018. As early as the middle of the year, bitkom announced that two out of three companies were opting for cloud computing. Cloud computing is more than just a trend – for the majority of companies it is a fundamental component of their IT strategy. And this will continue to grow in the coming years. Together with the Digital Marketing Suite selfcampaign, we have analyzed which cloud topics occupy IT managers most in companies. The starting point for our research was a statistical su ...more

The 5 Biggest Windows 10 Challenges for CISOs

For devices in business everyday life it is the standard par excellence: Microsoft Windows. After Microsoft announced the end of support for Windows 7 originally for January 2019, many German companies have already switched to Windows 10. According to StatCounter, around 58.39% of all computers in Germany currently run this operating system. This means that they are already set up for the future – because Microsoft wants to make Windows 10 the new standard and continuously develop it further. But once migrated, the work for CISOs is unfortun ...more

IT Security 2018: These were the 3 big concerns of IT managers

Thinking of the IT security incidents of 2018, threats like Spectre, Coinhive and Scarab come to mind. These were events that were covered by the media and attracted widespread attention. And they were examples that made it clear that IT security in companies is more relevant than ever before. But do these incidents also reflect the issues that most interest IT decision-makers? An exclusive flash study by now provides insightful answers. In cooperation with the B2B platform selfcampaign, we have scrutinised the online behav ...more

Is GDPR an inhibition?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on May 25, 2018. These are a set of regulations governing how companies in Europe collect and use data they receive from their consumers. It aims at giving consumers more control over how their data is being collected and used. While these regulations aim at making companies more responsible, there are fears that it may hinder innovation.   Why GDPR may be a hindrance GDPR has been on the works for a while. It aimed at updating the Data Protection Directive that came into p ...more

Dangers of Insider Threats to companies data

When it comes to cyber security threats, insider threats rank amongst the top culprits. One of the main reasons they are dangerous is because companies give more priority to other frequent threats such as malware attacks, hacking, and ransomware attacks among others. In addition, insider attacks may not be entirely malicious, with most of them being accidental. However, in this age of technological advancement where we are witnessing unprecedented growth in cloud storage, companies face even bigger threats in ensuring their data is safe.   ...more

How does the Bad Data affect your Big Data?

Bad data breads throughout the entire systems of any organization. It is overpowering ever more automated marketing and CRM systems. The impacts can range from a transaction loss to an over-all catastrophic overload for an enterprise. The bigger the data, the more the impact of bad data. Seemingly innocuous oversights can lead to vast levels of bad data. The commonest reasons for the inadvertent creation of bad data may include; Absent Data: Fields that are left blank when they require data Inappropriate data: Wrong data entered into a ...more

Businesses are becoming lazy in securing their data

The increased number of data breaches over the past one year should be enough to worry many organisations around the world. Last year's statistics by Gemalto point to nearly 1.4 billion data breaches annually.  Apparently, many organisations will only take appropriate measures to secure their data after a data breach has already occurred. An obvious example is that a majority of IT experts employed by many organisations still believe that perimeter security is still effective at keeping hackers out of their networks. This is according to the ...more
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