Top 5 cybercrime trends of 2022

Latest Trends in Cybercrime and How Your Organization Can Stay Safe From automated spear phishing emails, phone scams, multiple extortion to supply chain attacks: Cybercriminals are adding innovative strategies to their toolbox and exploiting current affairs – such as the shift to hybrid work. Organizations must prioritize replacing a static attack response with proactive defense to better tackle the changing threat dynamics. Equipping employees with the right tools will be key in nurturing a culture of cyber security. In this white paper ...more

Cloud Security Services

The security landscape has changed drastically in recent years. Today, companies work across distributed cloud environments, while end-users need anytime, anywhere access to data. Instead of securing the perimeter to keep threats out, we must focus on securing the data itself. Cloud solutions come with strong security capabilities to make this happen but tailoring these to your needs isn’t easy. Give your security the rethink it needs with us as your specialist security partner. Empower your workforce, accelerate your cloud journey and sa ...more

6 myths of SIEM - Early visibility and rapid response to threats in your environment

To say that security is a hot topic right now is an understatement. The threat landscape has changed drastically in recent years, meaning that every company needs to rethink or review its approach. In the new world of security, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems are crucial to success. Previously only the concern of the world’s largest companies, SIEM technology ingests data from across your company, before analysing, filtering and displaying it so that you get a clear picture of security at any one time. Using this dat ...more

Managed SIEM - Early visibility and rapid response to threats in your environment

Organisations are facing more security challenges today than at any time in the past, traditional defences are not working, new technologies introduce new risks, and conventional security practices are unsustainable. This - allied with increasingly sophisticated attack methods, constantly changing infrastructures and the struggle to attain and retain security professionals - has resulted in IT security teams facing an uphill battle to identify, detect and respond to the threats they are subject to on a daily basis. Our Managed SIEM Service b ...more