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Map Data for Safer ADAS to HAD Solutions

VSI provides research to companies that design or develop active safety or automated driving functions for passenger vehicles. VSI’s applied technical research pertains to the design and development of active safety or automated driving functions. VSI Labs is one of the few AV researchers who maintains its own vehicles for purposes of better understanding the technical challenges associated with automated vehicle functions. Many of the components that VSI researches are designed for use in active safety or low-level automation functions f ...more

Boosting driver awareness, comfort and safety through enhanced ADAS - A clearer road ahead with location technology

Automated driving technology is advancing fast, but today’s assistance features aren’t always trusted. To clear the way for higher levels of automation, this barrier must be overcome. Automakers need drivers to have confidence in the safety of their systems. One way to grow confidence is through the improved reliability of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). HERE helps improve ADAS by complementing existing in-vehicle sensors with data on road topology, rules and layouts, weather conditions, traffic, hazards and more. Data of this ...more

Location Platform Benchmark Report: 2020

Strategy Analytics defines a location platform as a company which provides customers with access to a range of location services which includes digital map tiles, geocoding (converting street names into coordinates and viceversa), traffic-optimized routing, local businesses or points of interest (POIs) search, traffic flow and traffic incident information, and more. Location platforms enable enterprises and long-tail developers to integrate these horizontal location services into their own apps and services so developers don’t need to invest th ...more

Gain visibility over your automotive supply chain - Discover new insights with real-time location data

For automobile manufacturers, meeting the requirements of a just-in-time supply chain is one of their biggest challenges – yet, even the strictest shipping deadlines can be met by taking advantage of widespread connectivity and real-time location data. While each of the sector’s three principle supply chains – inbound to factories, the outbound supply of goods and supply to the aftermarket – has a unique set of conditions, they share a common opportunity for enhanced visibility through the use of location intelligence. Boosting visibility ...more

Supply chains in the cognitive era - How technology plus humans will boost predictive capabilities

Developments in technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT), offer the opportunity to take a high-powered, cognitive approach to supply chain optimization. With smart use of these tools, businesses will transform their supply chain management by anticipating problems and developing solutions before they occur. Supply chain managers can now better access vast amounts of data from deep inside the supply chain, including areas and events that were previously siloed or unstructured. ...more

Looking Beyond the Last for Supply Chain Digitization

Global freight transportation revenues are expected to reach $2.5 trillion by 2023. The entire supply chain must be digitized, connected, transparent, and secure to enable promised efficiencies and flexibility. Continued rapid expansion of e-commerce will depend on end to end, real-time optimized services. E-commerce continues to rapidly evolve shippers’ expectancies for timing and service thresholds. The rate of technology adoption and business processes have created a steep learning curve, especially for Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) a ...more

Extreme weather trucking - Rerouting around hazardous areas with location intelligence

Earth’s climate is changing and becoming increasingly volatile. Extreme weather events, such as floods, droughts, blizzards and hurricanes occur with greater frequency around the globe. In addition to the toll hazardous weather takes on human life and property, many businesses are trying to adequately identify and manage its impact on their revenue streams. Supply chain and long-haul trucking companies are among the most affected by unexpected weather events. Freight has to be delivered on time and on a year-round basis. Truckers often drive ...more

Location Intelligence: Bridging a gap in the retail industry

While the retail industry has made great strides in understanding the digital journeys of consumers, it has been difficult to observe and analyze their whereabouts and movements in the physical world. Advanced location-enabled intelligence can act as a bridge between the digital and the physical world – helping the retailers harness a more complete view of consumers, and make sense of and leverage their location behaviors. Location intelligence is about much more than simple latitude and longitude readings. The right partner can gather da ...more

Relevance is everything - Location insights deepen customer engagement

We are in the midst of a fascinating and constantly changing time in the advertising and marketing worlds, with great advancements in technology providing more opportunity for better understanding consumers’ motivations and habits. We have access to more data than ever before, and big data is critical to understanding consumer behavior. The proliferation of mobile devices, for example, has given us a better understanding of consumers. Marketers can now know where consumers are and where they’ve been. Despite the trove of consumer location d ...more

New Forrester : Put Fulfillment At The Heart Of The Customer Experience

When shopping today, increasingly digitally savvy, time-crunched consumers expect to be able to choose the fulfilment option that best fits their lifestyle. To keep up with rising expectations, retailers must continually optimize their programs with additional services. But in their haste to adapt to changing customer expectations, many retailers have rapidly deployed a multitude of disparate and underoptimized omnichannel capabilities that compromise the customer experience. Retailers are struggling to move their fulfilment strategies beyond ...more
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